Devonly Voices Community Choir - Harmony Singing Group in Totnes, Devon

Devonly Voices
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Singing the 60s - April 2011

Donald where's yer Troosers?

Flower power

Who let this hippie in here?

Keep them dogies rollin', Rawhide!

Spring-Time trip to The Eden Project, Cornwall

Singing (laughing!) in the Mediterranean Biome

arriving in the rain

some of our lovely Basses

bringing out the sun with "Shine" - an amazing moment!

"All You Need Is Love" Cabaret Evening
with Devonly Voices and The Singers Upstairs

our sister MCs - Cath and Mandi

a love song from Lisa and Rachel

a little bit of Madness from Pretty Noisy

a 60s flashback with Sonny & Cherie, alias Rob and Alice

Tao singing one of his compositions

The early days of the Singers Upstairs

Members of Linking Voices enjoying Age Concern's Christmas Lunch

Bulgarian singing with visitors Vesko and Ivelina

Devonly Voices are getting younger all the time!

an early reader

Devonly Voices at their Winter Concert 2007

a few of the Devonly Voices

more Devonlies

nearly tea-break!

Dart Music Festival 2006

Bayard's Cove, Dartmouth - an unusual venue

Ugborough Summer Festival 2005

our first public performance, at 3 months of age!

Linking Voices - cup of tea anyone?

Some of the Harbour House Singers - what a lovely lot!

Polynesian Sasa Workshop

tu-la-loh    tu-la-loh    tu-la-loh !

The Autumn Big Sing 2006

Choir Leaders, Roz, Vicky & Susan

Singalonga Sound of Music - an evening out...

Devonly Celebrities

it's alright, just don't make a habit of it